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Friday, 25 February 2011


Snoring really is a great problem for many people all around the world. Statistics show that about 40% of women and 30% of man experience the problem of imperfect sleep because of their partners’ snoring. There are many anti snoring devices that promise to “heal” from snoring to give you the possibility of avoiding more nights of bad sleep, but most of the people turn out to be dissapointed after using these anti snoring devices.





It may sound a bit strange - how could a pillow be a solution for snoring? Well here comes the medicine to answer the risen question. To understand how does anti snoring pillow work we should know what is the reason of snoring. While sleeping the muscles of our body relax causing to narrow the diameter of airway, finally resulting in preventing normal airflow to our lungs. It may have become clear now why do various kinds of anti snoring devices do not work. However anti snoring pillow can really provide a solution for snoring.

The key of the success of this anti snoring device lies in its design. These pillows have their central area thinner than the area around the edges. While using anti snoring pillow you have your head and the spinal column aligned on one line regardless the position you take while sleeping. This results in removing all the preventions to the breathing airways, meaning that you stop snoring! Besides it is proven that this device removes had, neck and shoulder pain. It can also reduce daytime sleepiness and tiredeness. To say in a word this anti snoring device can really improve the quality of your sleep. That is why anti snoring pillow has turned to be one of the most popular solution for snoring. Snore-no-more pillows usually are produced having their sizes stadardized. Normally their colour is white. The fillings are usually covered with the material that is not allergic.

So as you see this snore-no-more pillow finally can be the key to a comfortable and restful sleep. Possibly it also is the best solution for snoring among all the stop snore aids.

So isn’t it right time to give to yourself and your partner the possibility to sleep comfortably and enjoy all the rest you can get by perfect sleeping ?

OH AND - WARNING ! : This anti snoring pillow really has the possibility to put the quality of your life to a new height like it did with the life of many people including me.


  1. I have been reading reviews of this pillow at Stop Snoring Reviews and thought you might be interested in checking it out.

  2. I'm glad that there are natural ways to stop snoring. One element for good sleeping is your pillow, as your head is sensitive and you must breathe right and also freely. Good thing that there are specially design pillows such as this one to prevent us from snoring.

    sleep apnea symptoms

  3. A snore pillow is great snoring aid as it does not require us in taking medication. Thanks for sharing!

    Evelyn Pius

  4. Anti snore pillows are very useful in treating snoring problems. Read more about its review at sona anti snore pillow

  5. One type of these anti-snore pillows which acts as a snore guard is the foam type, which consists of a lowered middle portion, along with a raised edge on the pillow's bottom. This type of pillow keeps the chin raised from the chest and also the jaw forward. Your body will be positioned in such a way that will keep the airway as free as possible. This reduces the vibrations of the tissues in the throat and also the noise. This kind of anti-snoring pillow promotes correct spine alignment for both side and back sleepers.

  6. If you or your partner snores, then you will have a full understanding of just how difficult each night can be. For the one that has to listen to the snoring, it can turn right into a frustrating nightmare, and for the one who snores, it can be very annoying while you feel your partner nudging you until you wake up every now and then during the night. In the end, both parties are unable to sleep. zquiet reviews

  7. Which snoring device would you recommend? I think other methods such as chinstraps and mouthpieces may be a little too uncomfortable while sleeping. My partner suffers from snoring and I am thinking of getting an anti snoring pillow but was wondering what the success rates were?

    What do you think about these anti snoring pillows? - http://www.the-good-doctor.net/anti-snoring-pillows/

  8. We haven't tried sleeping remedies like this. My husband rarely snores, but I do find it difficult to sleep when he does. I'll probably try this one while he's going through a treatment recommended by the doctor.

    Delfina Schrecongost

  9. These anti snoring pillows are really of great use. They are among the best pillows as they serve a number of purposes at the same time!!!

  10. Pillows are the good option too but i think silent knight ring is best solution because you have to wear it on your left ring.

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